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President Joe Biden Rally in Orlando, Florida on Tuesday, September 27, 2022

  Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/CC BY-SA 2.0,  via Flickr Later this month, President Biden will campaign with Democrats in Florida, where key Senate and gubernatorial races will be decided in November. On Friday, the White House announced that President Biden would participate in a Democratic National Committee rally. He is expected to deliver his speech to a big crowd there. Previously, Biden visited there during the Surfside Condo collapse. Also, there were no further details initially available about the time and location of the visit. Joe Biden has held recent events in Maryland, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania to boost Democratic candidates, though not every member of the party on the ticket in November has opted to appear alongside him. Democratic Rep. Val Demings is running against Republican Sen. Marco Rubio, while former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist is running against Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis. Also, polls are showing that in Florida, the Republicans are ahead in both ra

Ron DeSantis Mocks And Excoriates Biden's Response To His Flying Migrants To Martha's Vineyard

  Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/CC BY-SA 2.0,  via Flickr At a press briefing in Daytona, Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) roasted President Biden's response to his sending migrants to Martha's Vineyard. Florida's governor, DeSantis, offered some transparency on those two flights of undocumented migrants to Massachusetts on Wednesday. Critics, however, still have concerns that something unethical or illegal took place. Some are now calling for an investigation. After two days of unanswered questions about the flight's governor, Ron Desantis finally offered up some crucial clarity on how and why it happened and attacked the president while he did it. About 50 Venezuelan migrants on Martha's Vineyard packed up and left the island for better shelters Friday. DeSantis said: I think people want to see that we're actually standing up and trying to protect the state against Biden's really reckless policies. Speaking in Daytona, he also gave some vital details about how

Governor Ron DeSantis rallies in Jacksonville after Rep. Charlie Crist's win in the Democratic primary election of 2022.

DeSantis rally in Jacksonville Governor Ron DeSantis rallies GOP voters in Miami after Rep. Charlie Crist won the Democratic gubernatorial nomination. As he seeks re-election in November, Florida Governor Ron Desantis is speaking out about promises made and promises kept. Today, one day after the primary election, Florida Senator Marco Rubio and other Republicans held a rally in Jacksonville. The Keep Florida Free tour made a stop on the first coast after the governor held a similar rally in Orlando earlier this afternoon. Governor Ron Desantis discusses how he stood up for parents and students during the pandemic, eliminating mask and vaccine requirements as part of his many accomplishments as Florida's top leader. One of his biggest reactions came by taking aim at those who he says don't want to include parents in decision-making policies for their children. Senator Marco Rubio joined Desantis on the Keep Florida Free Tour . He will face Congresswoman Val Demings in November&

DeSantis is back in Tampa Bay with such an enthusiastic crowd at the "Keep Florida Free" tour.

  DeSantis at Keep Florida Free tour in Tampa In the countdown to November, Governor Ron Desantis and Charlie Christ are taking aggressive approaches today to reach voters. The race for senator is also heating up, with Marco Rubio and Val Demings in our area tonight speaking to supporters. Tampa was the second stop of what Governor Desantis and Mayor Rubio are calling the Keep Florida Free Tour. The "Keep Florida Free" tour, which included Florida's governor, attorney general Ashley Moody, and U.S. Senator Marco Rubio, was welcomed by a cheering crowd in Tampa on Wednesday evening. Senator Rubio is up against Representative Val Demings for a U.S. Senate seat. Rubio applauds the governor for keeping the state open and children in schools during the pandemic. He acknowledged the seriousness of the virus while balancing the need to work. The governor made his pitch as to why he should keep his job as governor. His speech touted economic success, resistance to COVEN mandates,

What to Look For in Today's Florida and New York Primaries?

  Gov. Ron DeSantis Tuesday is primary day in both New York and Florida. Democrats in Florida are tasked with picking who will face Gov. Ron Desantis in the November general election, while prominent New York Democrats Jerry Nadler and Carolyn Maloney fight for a newly created congressional district. Primaries are being held in both Florida and New York, and both of these primaries could have a strong influence on the national political landscape for years to come. Voters in Florida's senate race will decide which Democrat will challenge incumbent Republican Senator Marco Rubio. U.S. Representative Val Demings is currently seen as the front-runner in the Democratic primary. According to Florida politics, the Demings campaign posted more than $12 million in donations for the 2nd quarter. Senator Rubio raised more than $4 million in November's matchup and is currently thought to be one of the most competitive races for a US Senate seat in the nation. Polls opened in New York in t

Man shot with a BB gun during a political rally for President Trump in Boynton Beach, Florida

  Donald Trump Rally As people wait for more answers in the Mar-a-Lago search, some in favor of former President Donald Trump have reported acts of violence and even vandalism over the last few months. A group in support of the former president, Trump, gathers weekly in Boynton Beach, Florida. But in April, one member says he was shot in the chest by a BB gun. A group of people wearing political shirts and waving flags gather every Thursday to brighten southwest 8th street in support of former president Donald Trump. The weekly tradition has been going on for 2 years now. But what happened in April was unexpected. Donald Junior says he himself was shot in the chest. He has filed a police report with the Boynton Beach police. And while it's unknown if the incident was politically motivated, he now wears a body camera every week for his own safety.  Another activist says he's had about $150 worth of flags stolen. The group is calling for peace as all eyes are on the midterm and p

Trump supporters rally outside MAR-A-LAGO in Palm Beach Florida following news of the FBI raid

Donald Trump Rally The Trump supporters gathered outside his MAR-A-LAGO in Palm Beach, Florida, golf club to protest the search, holding signs and shouting obscenities.  Supporters also gathered in front of FBI office locations in Palm Beach, Phoenix, Arizona, and Washington, DC.   I can tell you that former President Donald Trump was not at Mar-a-Lago at the time of this raid around 10 o'clock yesterday morning. We have also learned that the search is connected to some 15 boxes of documents believed to have been brought here to Mar-a-Lago by Trump.   The documents in those boxes are believed to be classified information now. I can tell you just about a block away from Mar-a-Lago here, this has become what looks like a political rally here. Most of the people here are Trump supporters, but not everybody.     Following the FBI raid on Monday at Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Florida, Trump via his official Truth Social account posted:   My beautiful home, Mar-A-

Watch Florida Governor Ron DeSantis make "major announcement" in Tampa Today

  Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/CC BY-SA 2.0,  via Flickr Florida Governor Ron DeSantis made a major announcement today, and a lot of his Twitter followers say prepare for a liberal meltdown. Christina Pushaw told about this major announcement, so recently Governor Ron DeSantis Suspends State Attorney Andrew Warren for Refusing to Enforce Florida Law. DeSantis has appointed Susan Lopez to serve as State Attorney for the period of suspension. She has most recently been serving as a Judge on the Hillsborough County Court. To view the order suspending Andrew Warren and appointing Susan Lopez, click here . The Governor has the authority under the Florida Constitution to suspend state officials for reasons of misfeasance, malfeasance, neglect of duty, drunkenness, incompetence, permanent inability to perform official duties or commission of a felony. The Governor has further authority to fill that office by appointment for the duration of the suspension. Addressing the press conference in Tam

President Donald Trump was live at the TPUSA 2022 Student Action Summit in Tampa, Florida yesterday.

  Donald Trump Former President Donald Trump took center stage yesterday for day 2 of the Turning Point USA Student Action Summit (TPUSA 2022). Trump was live yesterday at the Tampa convention center in Tampa, Florida. When the President addressed a room was full of mostly young people. Trump spent about an hour and a half talking to his large crowd of supporters.  Now the summit is about mobilizing young people to Vote Red. And the key message from President Donald Trump yesterday was that the best 4 years of American history were under his presidency. Now that the TPUSA summit wrapped up just moments ago out here at the Tampa bay convention center. Trump and other speakers like his son, Donald Trump Jr spoke about a shift in the Republican Party. They say they want to take down the Democratic Party as well as older republicans (RINOs) who are holding conservative values.  President Trump told the crowd yesterday that the future of the republican party is with young people. Across th

President Donald Trump Live at TPUSA Student Action Summit in Tampa, Florida on Saturday, July 23, 2022

  Donald Trump The 45th President of the United States Donald Trump will LIVE at the TPUSA (Turning Point USA) Student Action Summit in Tampa, FL. The Live Coverage via RSBN begins at 4:00 PM ET on July 23, 2022. President Donald J. Trump is expected to speak starting at 7:00 PM ET on July 23, 2022, to the attendees of the Turning Point USA Student Action Summit 2022. Trump is also expected to announce that he's running for President in 2024 tonight at TPUSA. Watch President Trump's Speech From Prescott Valley, Arizona Rally held on this Friday, July 22 Florida Governor Ron DeSantis took the stage this Friday, but he won't be the only big name making their way to the convention center in downtown Tampa. People like Dr. Ben Carson, Kayleigh McEnany, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL), Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt, Greg Gutfeld, Donald Trump Jr., Laura Ingraham, Josh Hawley, Kat Timpf, Jesse Watters, Rick Scott, Lauren Boebert, Kat Cammack, Mat

Governor DeSantis Speaks at TPUSA Student Action Summit in Tampa, FL on Friday, July 22, 2022

  Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/CC BY-SA 2.0,  via Flickr Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, Senator Ted Cruz, Senator Mike Lee, Senator Josh Hawley, and others at the TPUSA (Turning Point USA) Student Action Summit in Tampa, FL. Coverage begins at 4:15 PM ET on July 22, 2022. This event is sponsored by the Birch Gold and Home Title Lock According to TPUSA organizers, students who attend this conference will receive activism and leadership training and participate in a series of networking events with political leaders and activist organizations. Charlie Kirk, Ben Carson, Josh Hawley, and the main event, Ron DeSantis, came up to address the Patriots.   Topics that will be discussed in this Summit are the outlook for legislation impacting the trans community and economic issues, reproductive rights, and LGBTQ+ rights. This event is going to run from July 22 to July 24. And Former President Donald Trump will deliver his remarks on Sunday, July 24, 2022. Right now RSBN is covering this event Li