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Orthodox Christmas 2024: Premier Doug Ford Extends Heartfelt Wishes to Ontario

  Doug Ford, Premiere of Ontario Premier Doug Ford Extends Heartfelt Wishes for a Joyful Orthodox Christmas in Ontario As Orthodox Canadians gather to celebrate the sacred occasion of Orthodox Christmas, the Premier of Ontario and Leader of the Ontario PC Party, Doug Ford, extends warm wishes for a blessed and joyous day spent with friends and family. In a message of unity and goodwill, he wishes everyone, regardless of cultural background, a Merry Christmas. Orthodox Christmas, observed on January 7 by communities such as the Ukrainian and Egyptian, holds a special place in the hearts of many Ontarians. Premier Doug Ford recognizes the diversity of traditions and cultures within the province, emphasizing a common message of "Peace on Earth and goodwill to all" that transcends dates and origins. Who is Doug Ford? Doug Ford, a distinguished businessman and leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario, brings a rich legacy of public service rooted in his family histo