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President Donald Trump returns to Pennsylvania, a battleground state ahead of the 2022 midterms.

  Donald Trump during a Save America Rally President Biden and former President Trump return to Pennsylvania battleground state This weekend, former President Trump will be in Pennsylvania, rallying for Republican candidates as the 2022 midterms approach. It was Pennsylvania that ultimately gave President Biden enough votes to win that 2020 election.  On Tuesday, Biden was in Wilkes-Barre, where he touted his proposed multi-million dollar "Safer America" plan aimed at addressing gun crime. He'll host more events in Philadelphia and in Pittsburgh through Lane Day. Gun control, the state of American democracy, and key legislation passed by Democrats in the Senate are among the topics he is expected to address. Meanwhile, President Trump will be in Wilkes-Barre on Saturday for his first rally of this general election. Political pundits say so much attention is focused on Pennsylvania because it's the true definition of a swing state. I think Pennsylvanians should get us

President Trump Rally in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania on Saturday, Sept 3, 2022

  Trump Rally Former President Donald Trump is coming to Wilkes-Barre in September. And he'll be delivering remarks in support of "the entire Pennsylvania Trump Ticket." President Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America, delivers remarks in support of Doug Mastriano for Governor, Dr. Mehmet Oz for U.S. Senate, and the entire Pennsylvania Trump Ticket. Today, President Biden rallying voters in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania ahead of the 2022 midterms With the midterms fast approaching, President Biden is delivering a speech on crime and gun violence in Pennsylvania. It does come as the White House is feeling increasingly confident about the Democrats' chances in November. This is the state that sent President Joe Biden to the White House. Now he is hoping that he can rally enough support to send Democrats in Pennsylvania and across the country to victory just 10 weeks from today. Biden is turning up the rhetoric aimed at Republicans and gearing up f

US President Joe Biden Live at Wilkes University in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania ahead of the Safer America Plan

  Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/CC BY-SA 2.0,  via Flickr President Joe Biden delivers remarks on his Safer America Plan that aims to reduce gun crime and save lives. US President Joe Biden is heading to Wilkes Barre this afternoon for a speech. This comes about a month after he had to cancel his first scheduled visit. President Biden will be on his way to the Diamond City for an afternoon address at Wilkes University, weeks after his initial visit was postponed when he tested positive for COVID-19. Barriers are set up outside the marching center awaiting the 46th president's arrival as the campus prepares. The president's visit falls on Mara Adams and Evan Cole's second day at Wilkes University and just a week after the Biden administration announced sweeping changes to federal student loans, including ten thousand dollars in student loan forgiveness for anyone making under one hundred twenty-five thousand dollars and twenty thousand dollars in forgiveness for pell grant rec

Dr. Mehmet Oz holds a town hall in Monroeville, Allegheny County before the Trump Pennsylvania Rally.

The crowd at Dr. Oz Rally in Allegheny County this week 71 days to go until election day, Nov. 8. The races are heating up. Tonight, Republican Mehmet Oz made a stop and we covered it. Dr. Oz touched on a lot of topics, from crime to inflation to immigration. He wants to debate his challenger, John Fetterman. We reached out to Fetterman's campaign manager to see his response, but we have not heard back yet. President Donald Trump Rally in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania on Saturday, September 3, 2022 Supporters of Dr. Oz filled up at Monroeville in Allegheny County, a dose of the Reality Townhall. He challenged his opponent, Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman. He claims he is too radical. Far left: Questions he asked about abortion, the cost of living, energy, crime, immigration, school choice, and health care. Oz said he is pro-life with three exceptions: the health of the mother, rain, and insist. The decision should be left up to the states. When asked about immigration, he is for cl

Senate candidate John Fetterman Rally in Hermitage, Mercer County

Senate candidate John Fetterman speaks in Hermitage This afternoon, Pennsylvania Democratic US Senate candidate John Fetterman held a rally in Hermitage. He spoke about the upcoming 2022 midterm election and his goal for Mercer County. John Fetterman says he has a big goal for Mercer County: turning it blue. Today, hundreds gathered at the Hickory VFW in Hermitage to hear from the current LT. Governor about his race towards joining the health care, a topic close to home after suffering from a stroke earlier this year. Topics ranging from abortion rights to clean energy were discussed. Democrats in the county came out to support his candidacy. Some say this election holds a lot more weight than any in their lifetime. During his talk, Fetterman also spent time reminding attendees that he is one of them. Takes a jab at his opponent, Dr. Mehmet Oz, his opponent & saying he isn't relatable and doesn't understand the people of Mercer County, and what it means to be a resident of

What to Know About the March for Our Lives Austin Rally for Gun Safety at the Texas State Capitol Today?

  March for Our Lives Austin Rally March for Our Lives is rallying again on the Texas State Capitol steps, this time with the parents who lost children in the Uvalde mass shooting and survivors from the mass shooting at Santa Fe High School.  Families from Uvalde and people from all across the state are gathering at the state capitol today to call for change to our state's gun laws. On Saturday, more than a thousand people will be gathered here on the south steps of the state capitol for a march for our lives. They will be putting pressure on Governor Greg Abbott to change the age requirement to buy an AR-15 from 18 to 21. Something like the AR-15 that the 18-year-old Robb elementary shooter used to kill 19 kids and two teachers. The changes some families from Uvalde and others will be calling for on Saturday include raising the age to buy an assault rifle in Texas from 18 to 21, which people who lost loved ones also called for at a rally back in June. State lawmakers cannot change

What to Know About Sacramento's Protest Today by the United Farm Workers?

The insane crowd at south side park in Sacramento An insane crowd at south side park this morning in Sacramento, an expected crowd of 5,000 are to march alongside the United Farm Workers core marchers in their last mile of the march for Gov. Gavin Newsom's signature! After a week-long march, members of the United Farm Workers union and other Sacramento organizations returned home on Thursday. They're hoping to make their case to state lawmakers and, of course, the governor.  This came down just this morning. Governor Newsom says he does not support the farmers' union bill in its current form right now. So this bill would have given farmworkers more opportunities to vote in union elections. What is the reaction to this latest news about the governor? And do you think some negotiations can be held here? This is the first we're all hearing about the news from the governor. A little disappointing. A lot of work has gone into the bill, and we are really urging the governor t

What To Know About Joe Biden's Rally at Richard Montgomery High School in Rockville, Maryland?

  Thousands of people were lined up before Joe Biden's Rally in Maryland Well, the stage is set and the candidates are named in the running for Maryland's next governor. Republican candidate Dan Cox and Democratic hopeful Wes Moore will face off in November. But today, the DNC is having a kickoff rally, if you will, in support of Wes Moore. The big draw tonight is President Biden. At Rich Montgomery High School, it is palpable the energy that is as thousands have packed into this small gym to hear from the democratic contingency of Maryland's Steny Hoyer.  Jamie Raskins, the Democratic nominee for Westmoreland governor, will speak here shortly, as will President Joe Biden. They will be talking about a number of issues; health care, they'll be talking about abortion as well, but most importantly, they'll be talking about student loans, that major decision that came from the White House yesterday. I'm laying out the plan for student loan forgiveness that's goi

Governor Ron DeSantis rallies in Jacksonville after Rep. Charlie Crist's win in the Democratic primary election of 2022.

DeSantis rally in Jacksonville Governor Ron DeSantis rallies GOP voters in Miami after Rep. Charlie Crist won the Democratic gubernatorial nomination. As he seeks re-election in November, Florida Governor Ron Desantis is speaking out about promises made and promises kept. Today, one day after the primary election, Florida Senator Marco Rubio and other Republicans held a rally in Jacksonville. The Keep Florida Free tour made a stop on the first coast after the governor held a similar rally in Orlando earlier this afternoon. Governor Ron Desantis discusses how he stood up for parents and students during the pandemic, eliminating mask and vaccine requirements as part of his many accomplishments as Florida's top leader. One of his biggest reactions came by taking aim at those who he says don't want to include parents in decision-making policies for their children. Senator Marco Rubio joined Desantis on the Keep Florida Free Tour . He will face Congresswoman Val Demings in November&

DeSantis is back in Tampa Bay with such an enthusiastic crowd at the "Keep Florida Free" tour.

  DeSantis at Keep Florida Free tour in Tampa In the countdown to November, Governor Ron Desantis and Charlie Christ are taking aggressive approaches today to reach voters. The race for senator is also heating up, with Marco Rubio and Val Demings in our area tonight speaking to supporters. Tampa was the second stop of what Governor Desantis and Mayor Rubio are calling the Keep Florida Free Tour. The "Keep Florida Free" tour, which included Florida's governor, attorney general Ashley Moody, and U.S. Senator Marco Rubio, was welcomed by a cheering crowd in Tampa on Wednesday evening. Senator Rubio is up against Representative Val Demings for a U.S. Senate seat. Rubio applauds the governor for keeping the state open and children in schools during the pandemic. He acknowledged the seriousness of the virus while balancing the need to work. The governor made his pitch as to why he should keep his job as governor. His speech touted economic success, resistance to COVEN mandates,

Trump endorsed Anna Paulina Luna to run for the District 13 Congressional seat.

  Anna Paulina Luna with Donald Trump Republican candidate Anna Paulina Luna will run for Pinellas County's 13th congressional district in one of the most anticipated races in November. What does Anna Paulina Luna plan to bring forward and the challenges her democratic challenger could face come to the general election? The Pinellas 13th congressional district seat was left open, with five Republicans vying for it. Still, Anna Paulina Luna won with 44 percent of the vote and will run in the November election. A packed house in Pinellas County as supporters celebrate Ana Paulina Luna's victory. Anna Paulina Luna defeats Kevin Hayslett for CD 13 GOP nomination Luna says she grew up in low-income neighborhoods and can relate to the everyday struggles people face in the bay area. Luna is a United States Air Force veteran, leading several veteran focus programs She currently receives medical care at Bay Pines V-A hospital in Pinellas County and hopes to bring her veteran-focused iss

What to Look For in Today's Florida and New York Primaries?

  Gov. Ron DeSantis Tuesday is primary day in both New York and Florida. Democrats in Florida are tasked with picking who will face Gov. Ron Desantis in the November general election, while prominent New York Democrats Jerry Nadler and Carolyn Maloney fight for a newly created congressional district. Primaries are being held in both Florida and New York, and both of these primaries could have a strong influence on the national political landscape for years to come. Voters in Florida's senate race will decide which Democrat will challenge incumbent Republican Senator Marco Rubio. U.S. Representative Val Demings is currently seen as the front-runner in the Democratic primary. According to Florida politics, the Demings campaign posted more than $12 million in donations for the 2nd quarter. Senator Rubio raised more than $4 million in November's matchup and is currently thought to be one of the most competitive races for a US Senate seat in the nation. Polls opened in New York in t

President Trump Rally in Wilkes-Barre/Scranton endorsing Mastriano and Dr. Oz on Saturday, September 3, 2022

  Trump Rally PA President Trump's Rally in Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, PA Endorsing Doug Mastriano and Dr. Mehmet Oz on Saturday, September 3, 2022 President Trump will hold a Save America rally in Pennsylvania to campaign for television star and Republican candidate, Dr. Mehmet Oz, and Doug Mastriano for Governor. Analysts believe that President Trump's endorsement will help the GOP candidates win the midterm elections in 2022. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis also held a Unite and Win rally in Pittsburgh for Mastriano last week. On Saturday, September 3, 2022, President Trump will hold this rally at Mohegan Sun Arena at Casey Plaza in Wilkes-Barre/Scranton to support GOP candidates. Trump Rally Schedule 8:00AM – Parking Lots, Vendor Row, and Registration Open 2:00PM – Doors Open 4:00PM – Special Guest Speakers Deliver Remarks 7:00PM – 45th President of the United States Donald J. Trump Delivers Remarks Venue: Mohegan Sun Arena at Casey Plaza 255 Highland Park Blvd Wilkes-Barre, PA

What To Know About Bernie Sanders Rally in Boston Today?

  Bernie Sanders Rally U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders is coming to Massachusetts today with Teamsters President Sean O'Brien and AFA-CWA President Sara Nelson to rally with workers taking on corporate greed. The doors will open at 12:00 p.m. ET and this rally will start at 1:00 p.m. ET. Bernie has requested his supporters to come to this rally at Cambridge Common Park in Boston, MA. Yesterday, Bernie held a big rally in Philadelphia , which was attended by thousands of people. This rally is called "fighting back against corporate greed. Sanders, joined by the president of the Teamsters and the president of the Association of Flight Attendants, and other workers, is speaking out about taking on corporate power. It comes as workers from various industries are organizing and striking for better pay and better working conditions. Bernie Sanders stated at a rally in Philadelphia. This is the richest country in the history of the world. It is not acceptable to me, to Sean, to Sara, or

Senator Bernie Sanders holds rally at Independence Mall in Philadelphia to support trade unions

Bernie Sanders holds a rally at Independence Mall in Philadelphia Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders was in town to support trade unions. The former presidential candidate spoke to the crowd at Independence Mall. He was joined by teamsters president Sean O'Brien and association of flight attendants president Sarah Nelson. He was there to encourage union solidarity and inspire political action. Bernie Sanders in his Pennsylvania Rally said: We are going to save the middle class of this country. We're going to grow the trade union movement. Workers are going to have a voice on the job. They're going to have a voice in Washington and in their state capitals all over this country. Senator Bernie Sanders' Rally in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on Saturday, August 20, 2022 Sanders advocated for universal health care, raising the minimum wage, and forgiving student debt. Talking about the Bernie Sanders Rally crowd size, so it was more than thousands of people gathered outside the In

Bernie Sanders Live at Philadelphia Rally in Support of Union Rights and Justice for Working People

  Bernie Sanders Rally US Senator Bernie Sanders is live from the Philadelphia rally today with Teamsters President Sean O'Brien and AFA-CWA President Sara Nelson. Bernie is holding this Philadelphia rally for the working class and workers in this country to organize against excessive levels of corporate greed. What To Know About Bernie Sanders Rally in Philadelphia Today? Sen. Bernie Sanders will rally with union organizers in Philadelphia on Saturday, August 20, as part of a multicity tour to advocate for better pay, safer work conditions, and easier organizing for workers across the country. Bernie is expected to speak at the Independence Mall Visitor Center in Philadelphia, PA. Bernie also wants  to drive his supporters towards engagement with the labor movement. Speaking about this rally, Bernie Sanders said Workers in this country are organizing against outrageous levels of corporate greed. We will only succeed by standing together. Many of you want to watch this rally, so we

DeSantis stumped for Doug Mastriano before the Donald Trump Rally in Pennsylvania.

  Ron DeSantis Florida Governor Ron Desantis is rallying Republicans in downtown to support Dough Mastriano. A fired-up crowd inside the Wyndham in downtown Pittsburgh. Florida Governor Ron Desantis, a possible Republican presidential candidate, is campaigning for Republican gubernatorial candidate Doug Mastriano. Desantis touted his own record in Florida and got a standing ovation after this. He said: We must fight the woke in our schools. We must fight the woke in our businesses. We must fight the woke in government agencies. We can never, ever submit to the woke ideology. We do not allow schools to instruct kids that, hey, you are 7 years old. You may have been born a boy, but maybe you are really a girl. They are doing this all around the country, and it is wrong. He took a jab at President Biden by saying: When I think of Biden, I think of him staring like a deer in headlights at the teleprompter. Doug Mastriano and Ron DeSantis did not take any questions after the Unite and Win P

What To Know About Bernie Sanders Rally in Philadelphia Today?

  Bernie Sanders Rally U.S. Senator for Vermont, Bernie Sanders, is coming to Philadelphia today with Teamsters President Sean O'Brien and AFA-CWA President Sara Nelson to rally with workers taking on corporate greed! Bernie is holding this Philadelphia rally for and with the working class and workers in this country to organize against excessive levels of corporate greed.  The Bernie Sanders team also advised their supporters that masks are compulsory for all event attendees. Anyone experiencing a cough, fever, or other symptoms of COVID-19 is asked not to attend this rally. FAQs 1. What time is the Bernie Sanders Pennsylvania Rally on TV today? You can watch Bernie's rally starts at 4:00 p.m. ET.  2. Where is the Bernie Sanders Rally today? Sen. Bernie Sanders will hold his Philadelphia rally outside the Independence Mall Visitor Center at 599 Market St.   3. Where is Bernie Sanders live today? As Per the RSVP , this Philadelphia rally will be live-streamed on this link .

President Donald Trump Rally in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania on Saturday, September 3, 2022

  Photo "Donald Trump" by  Dan Scavino Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America, will hold a rally in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania on Saturday, September 3, 2022, at 7:00 PM EDT. Trump will speak at Mohegan Sun Arena at Casey Plaza. Trump Pennsylvania Rally Tickets are available here . According to Trump website he is holding this rally in support of GOP candidates Doug Mastriano for Governor, Dr. Mehmet Oz for U.S. Senate, and the entire Pennsylvania Trump Ticket. Trump’s Saturday rally in Wilkes-Barre, was announced this Friday night by the Save America PAC.  Watch President Trump's Speech From Prescott Valley, Arizona Rally held on this Friday, July 22  Trump's last visit to Pennsylvania was alongside Dr. Oz at a rally in Greensburg on May 6, when he urged Current President Joe Biden to take a cognitive test while boasting of his own past test results. GOP Senate candidate Dr. Mehmet OZ is running against Democratic Pennsylvania Lieutenant Gove

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis rallies with Doug Mastriano in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

  Desantis Rally Republican Doug Mastriano's campaign for Pennsylvania governor is getting a boost from Florida Governor Ron Desantis. The potential 2024 presidential candidate is appearing at a rally in downtown Pittsburgh for Mastriano. A large line of people just filed in; doors opened at 3:30, and supporters of Doug Mastriano, retired U.S. Army colonel and state senator since 2019, gathered here to hear him speak. Mastriano won the GOP nomination in May, beating out eight candidates. Then Florida Governor Ron Desantis, a rising candidate in the GOP and a presidential hopeful, will take the stage. The Unite and Win rally was fueled by the decisive action of Trump-backed candidates in battleground states. Earlier this week, Governor Desantis visited New Mexico, Arizona, western Pennsylvania, and later tonight, Ohio. This was not the first time Governor Desantis visited Pennsylvania for a political event. In May of last year, he had the Allegheny County Republican Committee's

A big crowd gathered at the DeSantis rally for Doug Mastriano in Pittsburgh, organized by Turning Point USA.

  Ron DeSantis Rally Pennsylvania's Republican candidate for governor, Doug Mastriano, just wrapped up a big rally with Florida governor Ron DeSantis. The event was held in Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania. Desantis began by talking about his Pennsylvania connections, including his father being from beaver county.  He also encouraged all republicans to support the party candidate. Pennsylvania needs somebody to stand up against violence to stand up against mandates and restrictions. You need a who’s willing to stand up to Biden has failed policies on day one. We’re out of the regional greenhouse gas initiative. Mastriano will be campaigning in southeastern Pennsylvania next week. He faces Democrat Josh Shapiro, the state Democratic candidate. Now talking about the DeSantis rally attendance & crowd status, So Trip Gabriel, New York Times journalist shared an image that shows thousands of people attending this rally yesterday. Big crowd awaits DeSantis headlining a rally for Doug Mastri

J.D. Vance, Ron DeSantis hold campaign rally in Youngstown, Ohio

  Ron DeSantis A man who could become a candidate in 2024 is rallying in Liberty tonight. Ohio's Republican US Senate candidate. The race for the Ohio senate in Ohio is coming to the metroplex tonight. In Ohio, Florida governor Ron DeSantis, who is also a leading candidate for president in 2024, will be campaigning for the Republican nominee for the senate.  JD Vance, who won the GOP primary after being endorsed by former President Donald Trump. What makes this rally even more interesting is that Vance's opponent is the Youngstown area's longtime congressman, Democrat Tim Ryan. In fact, the metroplex where the rally will take place is seven miles from where Ryan grew up and 11 miles from where he lives right now. So DeSantis and Vance are coming right into the middle of what could be described as Ryan country, looking to take votes away from his hometown. Desantis has Youngstown ties. His grandfather, Phil Rodgers, once owned a store in Struthers and was the Mahoning County