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What Happens To Goldmines Telefims Official Youtube Channel?

Guys Everyone is shocked when they find that all videos from goldmines official channel went private. There Youtube Channel is diverting from "Goldmines Telefilms" to "Goldmines" As a youtuber i had also faced such issues on youtube which i'm explaining today.  I Think there will be 2 things that might occur with them !! 1st thing Due to duplication of uploads as they have many channels with similar videos ( ie. Goldmines preimere,Goldmines Housefull, Goldmines Action, Goldmines Hindi etc.) due to reason of duplication there monetisation may be disabled.So they are trying to monetise all at one channel that might be a reason. 2nd Reason is that issue of copyright, i already faced 4 strikes on my channel too after this your video upload will be disabled, and you have 7 days to clear this, unless your channel will be terminated permanently. Most of the people are waiting for Sarrainodu Movie to Hit ( 200Million views) & so on.. but before this