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President Trump Rally in Warren, Michigan on Saturday, October 1, 2022

  Photo "Donald Trump" by  Dan Scavino Donald J. Trump, the 45th President of the United States of America, will hold a rally in Warren, Michigan on Saturday, October 1, 2022, at 7:00 PM EDT. Trump will speak at Macomb County Community College Sports & Expo Center . Trump is holding this rally in support of the entire Michigan Trump Ticket including endorsed candidates and special guests Tudor Dixon, Republican Nominee for Governor of the State of Michigan, Matthew DePerno, Republican Nominee for Attorney General of the State of Michigan, and Kristina Karamo, Republican Nominee for Secretary of State of the State of Michigan.  Trump’s  Saturday rally  in Warren, which was announced by the Save America PAC on Saturday, Sept 15, 2022, comes ahead of the United States elections, 2022. Watch President Trump's Speech From Prescott Valley, Arizona Rally held on this Friday, July 22  Tudor Dixon, a Trump-endorsed gubernatorial  candidate, is running against Michigan's

Watch Tudor Dixon's Speech after winning the GOP nomination for Michigan governor

  Tudor Dixon with Donald Trump Tudor Dixon speaks after winning the GOP nomination for Michigan governor. Do watch her complete speech below: Tudor Dixon win the Republican gubernatorial primary in Michigan, and she will face off against governor Gretchen Whitmer in November. This primary night Dixon's victory came just a few days after she received President Donald Trump's endorsement . Which perhaps helped separate a bit from the field, and this is just one of several races we are following tonight in Oakland county, it was democratic incumbent versus democratic incumbent with congresswoman Haley Stevens declaring victory tonight over congressman andy Levin, who conceded about 15 minutes or so ago in the newly drawn 13th district. The results just have been trickling out of Wayne county. It is going to be a while before a winner is declared. This is what just 1% of the vote counted so far. So these are the earliest of early numbers in a race that it's taken is stil

Which Republican Candidate is leading in the Michigan Primary Polls Today?

Tudor Dixon's Speech in front of Donald Trump Michigan Primary Elections 2022 There are some polls out there on social media that show Tudor Dixon is in The lead. She scored an endorsement from former President Trump as well as a former education secretary, Betsy DeVos, and the Michigan Chamber of these endorsements could help they could hurt. But based on some of those polls, she is in the lead, we have not yet seen a voter walk Into this precinct yet. But Election workers are busy and They're getting everything Ready. So when that voter does Walkthrough, it will be easy They'll be cruising in there.  Tudor Dixon, Ryan Kelly, Garrett Soldano, Kevin Rinke, and Ralph Reed Actually do see eye to eye on a lot of contentious issues. This makes the race all the more unpredictable. Comes to the independent Voters who often determine Elections.  Tudor Dixon a conservative Political Commentator supports an Abortion ban in all cases except when it puts a mother's Life in danger.

We will unite Michigan and defeat Gretchen Whitmer says Tudor Dixon After getting Trump's Endorsement

Tudor Dixon's Speech in front of Donald Trump Tudor Dixon receives Trump endorsement for Michigan governor on Aug. 2 GOP Primary . Dixon address the supporters via her Facebook post and said: It is a great honor to receive President Trump’s endorsement and have the strength of our campaign to defeat Gretchen Whitmer further affirmed by his support. Our vision for a family-friendly Michigan clearly resonates with voters.  It is the reason our broad coalition is growing.  Voters of all stripes are tired of being crushed by the heavy hand of big government ideological liberals like Gretchen Whitmer and Joe Biden.   Families are struggling to make ends meet as they continue to raise taxes and choke businesses with job-killing extreme regulation.  Their wrongheaded economic policies have driven the country into recession and cost people their businesses, jobs, and livelihoods here in Michigan.  They have caused our education system to fail a generation of students while promoting radic

President Trump's Tudor Dixon endorsement might shake up the Michigan GOP field in the gubernatorial Primary

  President Trump's endorsement of Tudor Dixon in Michigan Major Michigan political history is being made at this hour. Never before in our political history have we had anybody who could single-handedly have the opportunity to determine who a candidate for Michigan governor will be.  But Donald Trump has played that card by endorsing Tudor Dixon against Democrat Gretchen Whitmer. With 25% of the Republicans undecided as to how to vote in this five-person field.  Mr. Trump's entrance and his endorsement of Ms. Tudor Dixon could carry the day for her. It certainly is a plus. But in politics, you never know what can happen between now and Tuesday. But of all the candidates who wanted Trump's endorsement , she got it, and it's very, very important because a lot of people Republicans were sitting on the fence waiting for Mr. Trump to say something some felt he would remain silent.  Well, that theory was wrong. Now he's in this race up to his eyeballs, and he will have a

The Republican candidates running for governor of Michigan in 2022

  Donald Trump endorsing Tudor Dixon for Michigan Michigan's primary is on Tuesday, August 2nd, 2022, and today we are here on Political Hub with everything you need to know before going to the polls.  The winner of each party's race will move on to the November general election. This Mid-term election is the race for 2022 Michigan governor. A handful of Republicans are vying for their spot to run against incumbent democrat Gretchen Whitmer. Michigan republican governor candidates list is below: The five Republican candidates for Michigan governor include: Barrett Saldano  Ralph Rebandt  Kevin Rinke  Ryan Kelly  Tudor Dixon ( endorsed by former President Donald Trump ) Who is Tudor Dixon? Why Dixon should be Michigan's next governor in 2022? Tudor Dixon made a name for herself as a leader in Michigan's steel industry in the early 2000s. She's also a conservative media personality on Real America's voice cable network.  Dixon is focused on reforming education in

President Trump endorses Tudor Dixon for 2022 Michigan Governor Race

  Donald Trump With Tudor Dixon (Source - Facebook ) After months of speculation today, former president Donald Trump announces he is endorsing Tudor Dixon to be Michigan's next governor. Candidates were chasing his endorsement which is interesting and critical for different reasons in Michigan primary 2022. Most GOP primary voters will be voting at the polls versus absentee. When the Michigan GOP owned absentee ballots they had a tremendous absentee ballot chase program. That is simply not the case anymore polling shows that the majority of these GOP primary voters are going to be voting in person on Tuesday. So the timing of this endorsement it's everything. The email blast from the 45th President Trump came out just after eight o'clock throwing his full support behind Tudor Dixon for governor and to republican primary voters that endorsement carries weight. For those who were undecided in the race, 63 percent said it would be important to them 31 percent said it would b