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Greitens, Schmitt accept President Trump's endorsement of 'Eric' in Missouri Senate Primary

  Donald Trump Primary Election day is in Missouri Today. The polls opened at 6 o'clock this morning. The Republican race for US Senate is one of the most Hotly contested campaigns. With how former President Donald Trump weighed in with a last-minute Endorsement of eric, but which Eric?  There are 3. It was certainly a very Interesting addition to the Race here. The former president's Campaign eve bombshell had to at least 2 of the Missouri GOP Senate candidate hopefuls for Claiming they had his Endorsement and they might be right to some degree.  Former President Donald Trump announced his Long awaited endorsement late Yesterday afternoon saying in Part  I trust the great people Of Missouri on this one to Make up their own minds. He Goes on to say I am therefore Proud to announce Eric. No last name has my complete and Total endorsement.  The 2 most Prominent Eric in the race. Our current Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt and the Former Missouri governor Eric Greitens. Bot

What Kansas, Missouri residents should know before voting in the August 2nd Primary?

  Elections Day in Kansas, Missouri Today Election Day 2022 Missouri In the morning Kansas is the abortion question driving turnout in Missouri? It's the Senate and congressional primaries. And here's what you need to know. If you plan on voting today.  In a matter of 12 hours, the polls in Missouri will open and it will be your chance to weigh in, in the show me state. You can bring any form of documentation from a bank statement. A photo ID passport, anything with your name on it when you go to vote. But it has to be current.  At what time polls will open in Missouri for Primary 2022? Polls will open at 06:00AM and close at 07:00PM. If you are in line by 07:00PM, you can still vote.  Where are the polling locations in Missouri? W here do I vote Missouri? If you live in the city of Kansas City, you can go vote at any polling location. If you use a ballot marking device, if you wish to use a paper ballot or live outside of Kansas City, you have to go to your polling location.  

President Trump endorses Eric Schmitt and Eric Greitens in the Missouri GOP Senate Race 2022.

  Donald Trump Both Greitens and Schmitt thanked Former President Donald Trump for his endorsement ahead of the August primaries in Missouri . Donald Trump has endorsed a Republican running for the Senate in Missouri. But which one it's hard to tell by the announcement he made just about half an hour ago. Donald Trump's endorsement in the Missouri senate Republican primary is in a tie. It appears the former president cannot decide between endorsing Eric Greitens or Eric Schmidt. Why he's backing just one of them named "ERIC" today? GOP voters of Missouri are also confused to choose which Eric ahead upcoming Primary on August 2nd, 2022. Through all the bluster and the props in these different campaign ads, the race to replace Roy's Blunt has boiled down to one thing. Which candidate can prove to Missouri Republican (MO GOP) Primary voters that they embody the future of the Trump wing of the republican party? All three of the top contenders in this race have shu