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'Kyiv Stands Strong': US President Joe Biden Delivers Remarks After Visiting Ukraine

  Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/CC BY-SA 2.0,  via Flickr President Biden delivered remarks on Tuesday to discuss the war in Ukraine. US President Joe Biden recently delivered a speech in Warsaw Poland, where he reflected on his recent visit to Ukraine and declared that "Kyiv Stands Strong." He also looked back on the events of a year ago when Russia invaded Ukraine and the world faced a test for the ages. Biden emphasized the importance of unity among allies and the commitment to basic principles such as sovereignty, freedom from aggression, and democracy. He declared that the world would keep standing up for these principles, no matter what. "When Russia invaded, it wasn't just Ukraine being tested," Biden said. "The whole world faced the test for the ages. Europe was being tested, America was being tested, NATO was being tested, all democracies were being tested. And the questions we faced were as simple as they were profound: would we respond, or would we