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Here is a Public Opinion on Mamata Banarjee After The #CBIvsMamata Incident

Mamata Banarjee With Bengal Budget 2019 Hello my dear friend, your presentation is very good and enjoyable and beautiful and gorgeous and wonderful and beneficial and popular and progressive and commendable and active and serviceable and acceptable to the people who heartedly want and heartily like the "Queen of Bengal", Mamata Banerjee who is a very good political Leader for ruling their party and our country India and doing the best development of our country India with great pleasure are able to overcome any problem & obstacle & obstruction in the path of doing goodness for the public of all areas of our state west Bengal in India with great pleasure. I am heartedly giving you the congratulations for celebrating the festival of the Image without food or drink for protesting rude or impolite behaviour against the central government of India at metro channel of Kolkata in west Bengal with great pleasure. How are you? What are you doing now? You are very sweet