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Pete Buttigieg Suspends his 2020 presidential campaign, Read & Watch his Exit speech.

Pete Buttigieg at South Bend, Indiana HAPPENING NOW: Pete Buttigieg expected to announce suspension of his 2020 presidential campaign in remarks to supporters in South Bend, Indiana. To chants of "USA! USA!," Pete and Chasten Buttigieg greet each other ahead of Pete Buttigieg's expected announcement that he is suspending his 2020 campaign, ending an historic bid by the first openly gay man to seek the presidency.By every conventional wisdom, by every historical measure, we were never supposed to get anywhere at all...Along that way, an improbable hope became an undeniable reality. We found countless Americans ready to support a middle-class millennial mayor from the industrial Midwest, not in spite of that experience but because of it, eager to get Washington to start working like our best-run communities. We sent a message to every kid out there wondering if whatever marks them out as different means they are somehow destined to be less than...Someone who once fel

Will Pete Buttigieg Beats Bernie Sanders in Nevada Caucus 2020? Here is the answer.

Pete Buttigieg Nevada Caucus News Will Pete Buttigieg Beats Bernie Sanders in Nevada Caucus 2020? Here is the answer. As we know voting for Nevada Caucus is going on, many of you thinks will Pete Buttieig will win this primary or not? Will, he beat Bernie Sanders in Nevada Caucus or not. I Think Pete makes me proud. His presidential presence is evident, and on display always! A veteran, a true man of faith, an educated, articulate orator will serve America and the world! Bernie, Joe and Mike are 80 years old, That's too old to be president. Everyone knows that a President ages very quickly. And the next President faces challenges unlike we've ever seen before. Pete is campaigning hard on inclusion and belonging! That's what the world needs now. Pete's criticism of Bernie's supporter's behavior is true. Bernie did cause this. But it begin when he ran against Clinton and has grown to a level of frightening concern -- he can no longer control them. Their be

Mayor Pete Buttigieg's Letter To People on his last day as mayor of South Bend

South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg Letter to people after the last day as a mayor of South Bend. Here You Read What he has written... Today was my last day as mayor of South Bend. I believe in my hometown, a city that trusted me to lead, sustained me when I left to serve our country, and supported me as a person as well as a mayor. Together, we brought back a city which was written off as ”dying,” and acted to create new jobs, opportunity, and hope. There’s more to do, but the progress we made tells a story of what we can do by bringing people together around bold ideas. Today we had the opportunity to celebrate the swearing in of a new mayor and council, and I join my whole community in wishing them every success in guiding our hometown. A new year brings new beginnings, for us as individuals, for our communities, and for our country. My responsibility as mayor has ended, but the responsibility of 2020 begins. This year, let us resolve to defeat this president, heal a