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JUST IN: Rand Paul Directly Confronts Top Biden Official On Funding Virus Studies In China

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/CC BY-SA 2.0,  via Flickr At today's Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) questioned United States Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman about the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic.   The origins of the COVID-19 pandemic have been a topic of much debate and speculation since the virus first emerged in Wuhan, China in late 2019. In the United States, some politicians, including Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky, have raised questions about the role of the U.S. government in funding coronavirus research in China and whether the pandemic may have originated from a laboratory leak in Wuhan. According to Senator Paul, the U.S. State Department has been funding coronavirus research in China for more than a decade through a program called PREDICT and the Global Virome Project. He has stated that the main recipient of this funding is the organization EcoHealth Alliance, which has received over 100 million dollars from the State Dep