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The Trump rally crowd size hit the maximum venue capacity in Miami, Florida.

Donald Trump Rally
Donald Trump Rally

How many people attended Donald Trump's rally in Miami?

I am at the Miami-Dade County Fair and Exposition right now, which I was told is now at maximum capacity. You can hear music, and you can see Trump supporters all around the venue at this hour. All of them came here to listen to Donald Trump’s Florida speech today. A volunteer told me as many as 10,000 supporters are expected to turn out.

Former President Trump held his Florida rally at 5:00 PM today. During his address, Trump can barely finish a sentence, yet the MAGA Republicans crowd keeps roaring louder and louder. Thousands of Trump supporters across the nation have been camped out here all morning.

Supporters were battling long lines and extreme heat in the hopes of catching a glimpse of the former president, Donald Trump, as well as Sen. Rick Scott, Rep. Matt Gaetz, Commissioner Wilton Simpson, Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart, Rep. Vern Buchanan, Rep. Michael Waltz, Rep. Kat Cammack, Rep. Byron Donalds, Rep. Carlos Gimenez, Mayor Esteban "Steve" Bovo, Chairman Joe Gruters, Mr. Cory Mills, Ms. Anna Paulina-Luna, and many others.

Donald Trump was met with roaring cheers from a Miami crowd after the former US President ordered them to "re-elect" incumbent Florida Governor Ron DeSantis during a rally on Sunday.

A large TV screen was set up in the parking lot for Trump supporters who couldn't get inside the venue, but it's not putting a damper on their spirits. "The patriotism was overwhelming." You get the chills; you could cry. It's God and our country, and so does President Donald Trump.

We have not seen the protesters reach out to the chair of the Miami-Dade County Democratic Party for comment.

Right now, people on the internet are also comparing the crowd size and vibe of Donald Trump's rally today in Miami, FL, with Barack Obama's and Joe Biden's rally for Fetterman held in Pennsylvania yesterday. A crowd of around 100,000 was watching online on the RSBN's official Rumble account. The crowd at a rally went wild when President Donald Trump took the stage at today’s Save America rally in Florida!

The media outlets like RSBN (Rightside Broadcasting), NewsmaxTV, Real America's Voice, OANN, Fox Orlando, NBC, and many more local media channels covered this big Trump rally today.

Where should I watch the Trump rally?

If you missed this Miami Trump rally, you can watch it on Donald Trump's Official Rumble channel, as well as RSBN, which has also provided coverage of around nine hours on their social media handles. You can also watch President Trump’s rally right here.


  1. Tomorrow we can end this madness- AMEN! Get off your butts and go vote tomorrow. This country needs all of our support. Republican vote for us -srtaight party- no exceptions. Watching the news this morning where a couple of poll workers have already tried pulling a cheating move while helping a straight ticket voting Republican by trying to have her vote for straight party Dems, so it is already happening! And Mr. Biden, I am disgusted with you calling Republicans STUPID! Seems you have no interest in working together with our party at all so how the hell can you get anything done for the American people? Over half are Republican supporters- and probably more. That SWAMP needs to be drained as they are killing our country. I have heard more hate and division by our Democrat leaders and their supporting posse in the last week but have not heard one policy or even a possible plan out of the shitho-- they have created. Hadte does nothing but divide this country even further. Trump has does a fantastic job rallying for Republican candidates and now it is up to us to Make American Great Again. See you at the polls!

  2. If we can take the Senate and the House, and then wish for a Trump Desantis win in 2024, we will have a power house in the Whitehouse! They would be able to get our country back in the right direction and even better than before. These two are LEADERS and not FOLLOWERS. Why do I say that? Look at the media coverage on the Dem rallies, every Dem speaker follows the same message, they all just be using the same speech. Hate Trump, scare tactics and intimidation, lies, deception and AGAIN- NO POLICIES! I used to think Obama was a good speaker, but good speakers have intelligent content- which he has not provided, nor has any of the FOLLOWERS. And for the Clinton's to be even trying to convince Americans to vote should be the biggest flag of them all- after all the shit Crooked, rotten Hillary has pulled without any accountability. She should be locked up along with her Crooked, lying Democrat backers that aided and abetted her.D should not be above the law, and the more they get away with their actions, the more Crooked they are becoming. We gave them an inch and they have taken 500 miles. How can anyone seriously support that.?

  3. Happy for Florida wins and Republican movement. Not happy with Republicans not standing by each other. This party needs to stick together and back each other. Rhinos need to go ! They are holding back our party.. Trump rallied hard and turned millions to the party-more than ever before, so stand behind him, don't slam his efforts. A sad day that this country is so devided. How can voters in border and oil states vote for Dems when it goes against their livelyhood? It does not make sense.


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