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Digital Emergency in India, After Rahul Gandhi's account, Twitter locks Congress Official Handle.


Rahul Gandhi & others protesting against Digital Emergency
Rahul Gandhi & others protesting against Digital Emergency

Digital Emergency in India?

In the past few hours, we have seen that Twitter has locked the official account of many Big oppositions leaders like Ajay Maken, Sushmita Dev, Sanjay Nirpuam, and many more. Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi's account which has around 20 million global followers was already locked by Twitter earlier. The word " Digital Emergency" is trending right now in India. People are saying, LOCKING the ACCOUNT of the main Opposition leader Rahul Gandhi, (who is the voice of the people), an account of Congress Party- the National Party of India, accounts of the Major Congress Leaders and Supporters is a WAY TO SCUTTLE FREE SPEECH! The list of  INCIndia leaders Twitter handles getting restricted only gets longer by the minute. This is a calculated and deliberate assault on Congress leaders and volunteers by a fascist govt. Restricting opposition voicing online is not but #DigitalEmergency 

Journalist Prashant Kumar shared a post with a pic having locked notification of Congress Twitter account went viral on the internet, you can check this below

Youth Congress President Srinivas BV shared a post, as his account is still working right now. He said: First Rahul Gandhi Ji's account,

Then Congress Workers account,

Then Congress Leaders account,

& Now official account of Congress

Twitter is openly batting as a frontal organization of BJP.

Are we still living in India or North Korea? 

Twitter Statement on this: Cong handles blocking row: Twitter says rules are enforced judiciously, impartially for everyone

Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi Commented on this matter and said: Opposition not allowed to speak in Parliament, their voice crushed. 

Congress Party National Social Media Co-Coordinator, Maanmohan Singh Pahujaa wrote: Accounts of INCIndia leaders are being locked. This is simply DigitalEmergency invoked by the Modi govt. For every handle they lock, Congress online volunteers will work with much greater AGGRESSION!

Congress Party National Spokesperson & Member Coordination Group Supriya Shrinate also commented with some facts and proof shown below.


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